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Thank you everyone who wished me happy birthday yesterday ^^ school is done for the semester, got my final projects done and am feeling pretty good!  I don't have anything to complain about. Not much giong on, on my end atm so just wanted to say thanks! Expect more work to come from me soon!


Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
A proud Brony and Pegasister, as well as an artist and pet owner! ^^

Current Residence: My mind =]
Favourite genre of music: varies. Sometimes pop, sometimes rock, but I love good classical and showtunes to!
Favourite photographer: dont have one
Favourite style of art: cartoon
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: ipod
Shell of choice: not sure
Wallpaper of choice: Anime or ponies
Skin of choice: don't have one
Favourite cartoon character: tough one let's see...I love the trio of Yacko, Wacko, and Dot, Discord has risen to a favorite character of mine, I loved Batman back in batman the animated series, so it's a tough one I could go on and on.
Personal Quote: I have pilfered the sugary goodness!


Snowflaik Opening Scene by Agirl3003
Snowflaik Opening Scene
So this is something I made for a project in one of my classes, where we have to design a game. Our game is called Snowflaik, in it you are a little kitten named Snowflaik who chased a ball of yarn down a mountain and became a giant snow ball. The game play is simple, you either jump over or run into obstacles. Some give you power ups, others hurt you. You gain snow as you run across the snow on the ground, or hit snow mounds and get bigger. If you hit an obstacle(minus the snow mounts) you loose some snow and get smaller. If you loose too much snow and get too small, Snowflaik falls out and you lose. We only have one level and right now it's very simple since we are attempting to make game salad work(what the teacher WANTS us to use) but we are contemplating scrapping the past 8 weeks of fighting with game salad to move to unity and see how that goes. I am in charge of the art assets, which are pretty much all done.

The teacher wanted us to use existing art, but I wanted to create as much of it on my own as I can. Some of them I may replace, like the trees. They were the first thing I made, and were based around the ones from angry birds, so I feel a bit 'meh' about using them. But we will see.

Anyways, we didn't NEED this of course, but I am an animation major so I made this. It was done fairly quickly and I will likely beef up or redo parts of it. I just wanted us to have one so people would know part of the story, which is shown here. Also I am hoping it's not too hard to figure out the kitten is Snowflaik which is why it's called that, and not a accidental misspelling of Snowflake.

The part at the end is designed to be a UI splash screen where you select play, levels, ect. Since we dont have any buttons made yet and it wouldn't be clickable, I didn't add any in.

some of the background pieces in the house are reused assets from my ask Glory and Bowtie tumblr strips I sorta abandoned a few years back. It felt so barren with nothing there and I was feeling lazy so I just threw those in to spice it up a bit.

Anywho, like I said it didn't take that long, I just added it so we had something to spice up our game a little bit visually. That's it! Enjoy!
Adult Luna Walk Cycle by Agirl3003
Adult Luna Walk Cycle
So did the filly, and needed the adult one to! Plus you never know when walk cycles come in handy =D

It took a while, trying to get it as close as I could get it. There are some areas I still need to clean up, but for not I don't think it came out half bad ^^ the legs have a different movement to them for the alicorns since they are so long! and I noticed in my reference that their bodies move around less while walking to.

While I had begun work on my own luna puppet, when I found this one it just looked so nice, that I got permission to use it and cleaned it up a bit(I set up my puppets in a very specific way XD) and substituted some of my own pieces, to mix them together into the puppet I am now using ^^ much thanks to :iconmintyroot: for allowing me use of her Luna puppet to play with!

Luna belongs to Hasbro and DHX
Puppet made with a mix of my own parts and parts created by :iconmintyroot:
Filly Luna Walk Cycle by Agirl3003
Filly Luna Walk Cycle
I will upload something with actual substance at some point XD right now this is what I am working on so...this is what I have to show *chuckles*
Young Celestia by Agirl3003
Young Celestia
This is the first pass through so I may be changing a few things, I can already see some area I need to clean up on the puppet, but this is sort of just my version of 'young' Celestia. I needed her from these points of view for a video I am working on, her part is small so her puppet isn't as detailed as the luna puppets, or even the adult celestia one I need to get around to finishing.

The video mostly focuses around Luna, but during the parts when they are young I wanted her to seem older, but not adult older then Luna, and so I plopped her on my luna puppet base and it seemed to work. I mean they ARE sisters after all, so I don't think having similar body shapes is out of the question ;D I just felt a 'normal' mare size would be too small, and she wouldn't be a filly like Luna since Celestia is older. Even though we don't know the age difference, there is a notable size difference between them, so I figured this worked. I...wasn't quite sure what to do with her mane, so this is what I got. It won't flow, only adult Celestia gets that =3 if any of you have any suggestions for her mane and tail you are welcome to suggest them ^^

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