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Thank you everyone who wished me happy birthday yesterday ^^ school is done for the semester, got my final projects done and am feeling pretty good!  I don't have anything to complain about. Not much giong on, on my end atm so just wanted to say thanks! Expect more work to come from me soon!


Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
A proud Brony and Pegasister, as well as an artist and pet owner! ^^

Current Residence: My mind =]
Favourite genre of music: varies. Sometimes pop, sometimes rock, but I love good classical and showtunes to!
Favourite photographer: dont have one
Favourite style of art: cartoon
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: ipod
Shell of choice: not sure
Wallpaper of choice: Anime or ponies
Skin of choice: don't have one
Favourite cartoon character: tough one let's see...I love the trio of Yacko, Wacko, and Dot, Discord has risen to a favorite character of mine, I loved Batman back in batman the animated series, so it's a tough one I could go on and on.
Personal Quote: I have pilfered the sugary goodness!


Zircon Character Sheet by Agirl3003
Zircon Character Sheet
I was going to wait until I finished to upload the updated version of her design, but I feel that the changes look quite a bit better so I decided to go ahead and throw it up. I am still making a lot of tweaks to her frontal view, and I still have to do the side view, but here is Zircon's updated design. After fighting with finding a way to do her hair curls so I liked it, I decided to settle on a simpler hair style that better fits her bang style. I feel this looks better and is easier to deal with. I also changed up her skirt so it feels more natural and less awkward. Let me know what you think!

Edit:// Still tweaking the design, but did some drawings for her scythe =3

Edit2:// added her profile view, the front view has been changed slightly in her shirt and hair in the toon boom file, but I forgot to save a copy of the image to take home sooooo....gotta wait until monday to get a copy of it XD

Edit3:// Well the puppet is mostly finished, and the class is almost over. So here is her character sheet! She has mouth and hand movements, and eye blinks. It's a very simple puppet, but I think it came out alright ^^ I am working on a 3q back version but not sure it will be finished in time. So here is a character sheet for her ^^
Blue Zircon Version 1 by Agirl3003
Blue Zircon Version 1
I am still working on her design, but I decided to finally put my gem OC down on paper. There are aspects I like, aspects I don't like, so she is still being worked on. Feel free to make suggestions if you want =)

I made this as a class project in my Digital Animation Techniques class. We are learning Toon Boom Harmony and puppet making, and it seemed like a good chance to try and finalize some of the details on Zircon. When done she will have a puppet that(in theory) will be animatable from 3/4, front, and side. Her 3/4 is already pretty much done, not counting if I redo her hair and skirt, with mouth positions, eye blinks, and various hands ready for use. I also think I need to scale her head down...will need to tackle that Monday! I need to get a copy of Toon Boom sometime, it's a lot of fun!

why blue zircon? Easy, it's my birthstone! My birthday is in December, which has two stones. Either turquoise or blue zircon and well, I LOVE zircons. I think they are beautiful! So it seemed natural to make a gem out of it ^^

For some information on her, her weapon is a scythe (haven't finalized it's appearance just yet), she also has the ability to raise her body temperature. When she starts to take on too much damage, her color will begin to fade. When that happens she can step to the side and raise her temperature. While this happens, her colors gets more vibrant, and it begins to heal her. But it takes time to do this, so it's not very efficient in battle. However if she raises her temperature before hand, it acts sort of as armor, for one she is very hot to the touch to the point of burning anyone without resistances to heat, and helps heal minor wounds. However getting hot enough takes time, and drains on her energy levels. If she stays like that for too long, she will poof and have to recuperate inside of her gem. As such, she rarely fights like this unless it's dire.

This ability was thought up after reading how blue zircons in particular, are heat treated to make the blue color more vibrant. If a gen starts to dim with age, having it heat treated can make the color really pop again, which gave me the idea to mess with temperature in some way.

P.S. If you haven't watched Steven Universe, SHAME ON YOU! It is easily tied with avatar for my favorite series of all time =3 check it out!

P.S.S. No, she is not a crystal gem. Honestly I want ot git her into the story in my head canon but we just don't know enough yet about the war and other gems that for now, it will just have to be a WIP until we learn more.
Krystal Adult Sketch by Agirl3003
Krystal Adult Sketch
Just a sketch I did out of boredom in the hotel room. I like this version more then the first few ones, and I like the idea of her hair tuft getting longer as she grows. I chose a fairly slender body type, because I feel it's more elegant and fits her well ^^
Krystal Teen Sketches by Agirl3003
Krystal Teen Sketches
Killing time while in Dallas, I come home tomorrow but sketching is always a good way to pass time ^^ Still messing with her design, I had a general idea years ago but never put them down in decent sketches.

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